Freshness from Europe – Deliciuos Fruit &Veg

The 3-year project “Freshness from Europe – Deliciuos Fruit &Veg”– co-financed by EU, Italian Ministry of Agriculture and CSO – Centro Servizi Ortorfutticoli – is a promotion program for increasing fresh and processed fruit and vegetable consumption. The aims to enhance the image of EU fruit and vegetable produce, in some key markets of the Third Countries: United States, Canada, UAE, China and Japan, promoting the extraordinary characteristics of fresh and processed fruit and vegetables, produced according to European traditions. The members of CSO involved in are: Alegra, Apofruit Italia, Assomela, Ceradini B&C, C.I.C.O., Conserve Italia, Made In Blu, Naturitalia, Origine Group, Oranfrizer.