European Union, CSO and the Italian Government launch three-million-euro campaign to promote Mediterranean produce in UAE

The three-year “Freshness From Europe” project aims to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables from Europe in the United Arab Emirates, US, China, Japan and Canada

(Ferrara, March 08, 2016) The European Union (EU), Italian Government and CSO (Centro Servizi Ortofrutticoli) have joined forces to launch a three-year, three-million-euro marketing campaign to promote European fruit and vegetables to the F&B, retail and consumer markets in the UAE, as well as in the US, China, Japan and Canada.

The Freshness From Europe project, which is funded by the EU, the Italian Government and CSO, will showcase the unique characteristics of European fruit and vegetables and celebrate the agricultural achievements of the region. A true collaborative initiative, it is co-financed by Alegra, Apofruit, Assomela, Ceradini, Cico, Conserve Italia, Made in Blu, Origine and Oranfrizer, with CSO as the sponsor.

The project will highlight Italy as the main producer, renowned for excellent quality peaches, nectarines, kiwis, apples, plums, oranges, grapes, and tomatoes, to name a few.

Paolo Bruni, President of CSO, commented: “We are very excited to launch the Freshness From Europe project. Over the next three years, several different initiatives will be developed within its framework to promote high quality European fruit and vegetables in its target countries, which include the United Arab Emirates.

“In these countries, consumers are becoming increasingly diet conscious and aware of what they eat, more appreciative of the Mediterranean diet, and more attracted to premium products on account of their quality.”

Freshness From Europe will spread its message via a series of initiatives, including participation at relevant trade fairs, promotions in retail outlets, communication and PR activities, advertising campaigns, the creation of materials for retail outlets and the organization of events and meetings for F&B professionals.


The campaign features a 150-page pocket catalogue which presents in detail the unique characteristics of each food item, including information on the place of origin,  producer, organoleptic and flavour profiles, and culinary applications.

The Freshness From Europe Pocket Catalogue will be available to download free of charge to all buyers interested in Italy’s fruit and vegetable offering and encourage retailers and chefs alike to visit Italy during the three-year campaign.


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