The “Freshness From Europe” project is featured at the CPMA Convention and Trade Show in Calgary, Canada

From 12 to 14 April the “Freshness From Europe” project, financed by the European Union, the Italian Government and CSO will be participating at the Canadian fruit and vegetable convention and trade show, with its own booth showcasing various seasonal products, such as kiwi, highlighting the potential of the project for the Canadian retail community.


(Ferrara, 8th April 2016) “Freshness From Europe” is a three-year project with the goal of promoting the consumption of European fruit in Canada, the USA, Japan, China and the United Arab Emirates.

The project offers plenty of opportunities in terms of visibility and participation for the brands interested in getting into the stores an attractive informational kit presenting their fine products, distinguished by such characteristics as safety, excellent taste, traceability and typicalness.

Unique flavors that are more than the result of excellent European growing practices, but also closely bound up with the history and culture of the particular area of provenance.

Kiwis intended for the international market, for example, are primarily grown in Italy and the ones exported to Canada come from the area around Ravenna in the region of Emilia-Romagna. This area, thanks to its unique history, is considered the cradle of European kiwi production.

This time-honored tradition, combined with an internationally unique production capacity will be featured and explained to the many industry members attending the fair and hosted by Made in Blu, the CSO partner which will be participating at the Canadian trade show in the context of the “Freshness From Europe” booth.

The Head of Made in Blu, Furio Mazzotti, had this to say: “This year we will be attending the Calgary edition of CPMA, as well as the Montreal and Toronto sessions, in order to be as thorough as possible in reaching retailers throughout the Canadian market, which for us represents one of the best in the world.”

“Right now,” continued Furio Mazzotti, “we are in the process of carrying out a major promotional project highlighting kiwis with the Sobeys and Metro brands for the ‘Freshness From Europe’ project.

When it comes to the performance of our exports,” Mazzotti concluded, “this year the results have been very good, both for North America and Asia, with increases to the tune of 20% over 2015 for Made in Blue when it comes to volumes”.