Freshness from Europe is going to China

Italy, in the form of the “Freshness from Europe” Project, will be among the participant countries represented at the Fresh Produce Forum China and will also have a voice among the speakers at the event

The “Freshness from Europe” Project, promoted and financed by the European Union, Italian Government and CSO will be presented at the FP Forum China which will be held in Chengdu from 31 May to 2 June. The Project, financed to the tune of some 5.2 million euros over three years (2016-2018), is aimed at raising awareness about Italian products, cultivation methods which rigorously respect European norms, the excellence of the most typical areas of provenance and the great intrinsic quality of a selection which in the case of China includes kiwis, red orange juice and processed vegetables, such as tomato paste and preserved vegetables.

Italy, in the form of the “Freshness from Europe” Project, will be among the participating countries represented at the Forum, and will also have a voice among the speakers at the event.

The President of CSO, Paolo Bruni, will be tasked with presenting the Project and the related opportunities it involves in terms of the Chinese market.

“We were very enthusiastic,” explained Paolo Bruni, “about the prospect of participating in the Fresh Produce Forum which is being held for the first time in China. For us China represents an extremely promising market, one that is welcoming with open arms the products which have thus far been imported there. Kiwis, for example, once the market was opened, managed to develop significant volumes in a very short time and the potential for further growth is enormous. I firmly believe,” concluded Bruni, “that initiatives like the Fresh Forum, enabling an organized and concerted presentation by means of the Project, constitute an enormous opportunity for establishing very worthwhile trade relations and commercial ties between Italy and China.”

Italy exported nearly 40,000 tons of kiwis to the Far East in the 2014/2015 campaign. China represents the most important market with 15,528 tons of product, followed by Taiwan with 10,000 tons, Hong Kong with 5,200 tons and Singapore with 2,247 tons.

The “Freshness from Europe” Project is co-financed by such Italian firms as: Apoconerpo, Apofruit, Alegra, Assomela, King Fruit, Ceradini, Naturitalia, Made in Blu, Origine Group, Oranfrizer and Conserve Italia.

These names represent over 60% of Italy’s fruit and vegetable sector.