The Freshness from Europe project is being presented at the PMA fresh summit in Orlando

(Ferrara, 14th October 2016) Freshness from Europe was presented today at the PMA event in Orlando with Alegra, Apofruit, Kingfruit, Made in Blu and Origine Group in a customized shared space, featuring the coordinated image of the project. Financed by the European Union, the Italian Government and CSO Italy, this initiative aims to raise awareness and promote the principal European fruit and vegetables in North America, China, the United Arab Emirates and Japan.

Once again this year the PMA event expects to register significant growth, with increased attendance figures for both buyers and exhibitors compared with previous years. As always, this particular edition will promote and foster awareness, innovation and networking: three fundamental ingredients when it comes to expanding the global fruit and vegetable business.

Italy, the leading European producer of kiwis, pears, grapes, citrus fruit and processed vegetables, is presenting the major breakthroughs of the year in terms of both products as well as processes and applied logistics.

The spotlight will be on kiwis, a category for which Italy plays a leading role throughout the entire world and one which sees the USA as a consuming market in potential growth, thanks to a product supply which for this harvest season is expected to boast excellent quality in terms of organoleptic properties.

European production turns out to be declining, amounting to 714,000 tons (down 14% from 2015), and in Italy this drop in production is even greater (down fully 20%), with an expected total of 450,000 tons, a total that is nevertheless in line with the average production standards of recent years, other than 2015, a year that saw a bumper crop.

“Freshness from Europe” is a three-year project financed by the European Union, the Italian Government and CSO, together with its members, Alegra, Apofruit, Assomela, Ceradini, Cico, Conserve Italia, Made in Blu, Origine and Oranfrizer. The project, continuing until 2018, has the goal of promoting and showcasing quality fruit and vegetable products grown in Europe. The project includes a number of important initiatives, including attending relevant trade fairs, a series of promotions in retail outlets, communication and PR activities, advertising campaigns, the creation of materials for retail outlets and the organization of events and meetings.