Following the road map of CSO Italy’s Freshness from Europe project: the Dubai wop is featuring quality Italian produce

(Ferrara, 13 November 2016) The Freshness from Europe project is expeditiously carrying out the activities of the second year of financing with its participation at the most important fair for the sector in the United Arab Emirates, i.e. Dubai’s Wop, held from 13 to 15 November at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

With 235 exhibitors, 34 participating countries and growth of 30% in terms of overall exhibition space, the Wop is revealing itself as an excellent opportunity for presenting the Freshness From Europe project, financed by the European Union, the Italian Government and the members of CSO Italy, with a total budget of some 5.3 million euros over three years, an initiative intended to promote trade and consumption of fresh and processed produce from Italy in the Arab Emirates, North America, China and Japan.

The companies featured in the Freshness From Europe booth are Alegra, Apofruit, Oranfrizer, Origine Group and MAAP.

Exports of Italian produce to the Emirates have registered constant growth in the last five years, with a very positive trend for the first months of 2016 as well.

According to the figures elaborated by CSO Italy based on Eurostat data from January to August 2016, fully 19,771 tons of fruit were marketed, representing a 13% increase over the same period for 2015.

The best performing products are the kiwis, melons and cherries, but when it comes to the vegetables, although exports are up significantly, we are still talking in terms of very low numbers, even if there is clearly a great deal of potential and room for substantial growth.

“The United Arab Emirates represent a market,” explained Stefano Soli, Head of Marketing for Alegra, “that is very promising, offering lots of potential in terms of development for Italy. It would be extremely helpful for us if on a national level action could be taken to lower the logistical costs involved with shipping by air, especially considering the fact that in this regard we are much less competitive than Holland.”

“For Origine Group, as well, the opportunity offered by the Freshness project to be able to participate at Dubai’s Wob fair on a group basis is extremely attractive and participation,” explained Reen Nordin, the Head of Sales for the consortium, “represents a perfect occasion for implementing the groundwork necessary for introducing our products into that market, especially kiwis, in the immediate future.”

The Freshness from Europe project has been very well received and quite successful in the Emirates, especially in terms of promotional initiatives and communication activities carried out right in the retail outlets.

“We are registering,” explained Renzo Balestri, the Head of Foreign Sales for Apofruit, “increasing interest in our products on the part of the Emirates, an achievement that also includes building up robust levels of customer loyalty and a range of requested products that is constantly expanding. In the Emirates,” Balestri continued, “the market has proven to be very receptive and quite flexible when it comes to the Project’s promotional activities, focusing on institutional activities with the aim of increasing product awareness and greater understanding regarding quality production methods in the European Union.”