Freshness form Europe

This is the project financed by the European Union, the Italian government and CSO to promote and increase public awareness of quality European fruit and vegetables. Thanks to their privileged location and a climate that favors agriculture, Mediterranean countries are the world’s main producers of fruit and vegetables. The leader in Europe is Italy with points of excellence in the sector of peaches and nectarines, kiwis, apples, plums, oranges, grapes, tomatoes and much more besides.
Freshness from Europe proposes a range of initiatives targeting the trade and consumers worldwide, to raise awareness on the origins and the path followed by these products, which are always synonymous of quality and freshness.

Aims of the project
Based on the recommendations of the Mediterranean diet, consuming fruit and vegetables is fundamental for a healthy lifestyle and in particular, the World Health Organisation now states that 400g of fruit and vegetables a day is the ideal dose for staying fit and healthy. Thanks to the Freshness Project the aim is to diffuse the qualitative excellence of European products, whose freshness, along with health and safety and traceability are guaranteed by the rigid food regulations of the European Union.